Paul Rudolph Videos

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Paul Rudolph: A Way of Working - December 14, 2018
at the Center for Architecture

For Paul Rudolph, architecture was “a highly personal affair involving a considerable degree of emotion and which needs a great strength of personal conviction, assuredness and passion.”

The Center for Architecture, in association with the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation, present architect and exhibition curator Nora Leung, who will talk about her experience working with Rudolph on several projects in Hong Kong. Other former employees will discuss what it was like to work in such a dedicated and often challenging office.

Kelvin Dickinson, President, Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation

Roberto de Alba, Author
Nora Leung, Curator, Paul Rudolph: The Hong Kong Journey

Panel Discussion:
RD Chin, Feng Shui Master and former Paul Rudolph employee
Rocco Leonardis, Architect and former Paul Rudolph employee
Nora Leung, Consultant Architect for Paul Rudolph in Hong Kong
Jeremy Moser, Founder, Studio Mnemosyne, and former Paul Rudolph employee

Roberto de Alba, Author


A Tribute to Paul Rudolph - November 18, 1999
at the Embassy of the United States of America in London, UK

The University of Luton and Author Tony Monk present a tribute to Paul Rudolph. The event, hosted at the American Embassy in London, features a lecture by Tony Monk followed by a debate between Charles Jenks, Lord Norman Foster, Martin Pawley and Tony Monk on the influence of Paul Rudolph on his graduates and the evolution of modern architecture.

Philip Lader, U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Tony Monk, Author and Architect

Charles Jenks, Author and Architectural Theorist
Lord Norman Foster, Architect and former Paul Rudolph student
Martin Pawley, Author and Architectural Critic
Tony Monk, Author and Architect


Paul Rudolph: The DNA Of Architecture - September 2, 1995
at the Southern California Institute of Architecture

Founded in 1972, the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) is an independent school offering graduate and undergraduate degree programs in architecture. It is recognized internationally not only as a center for design innovation, but as a forum for debating new ideas in architecture. From the beginning, SCI-Arc actively engaged the community with public programs, including a lecture series, which started in 1974 and still happens Wednesday nights. Most of their videos document public events held at SCI-Arc.