Florida Design Review (with an article on Paul Rudolph's NYC Quadruplex apartment)

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Florida Design Review (with an article on Paul Rudolph's NYC Quadruplex apartment)


Issue: Number Two, 2007. Out of Print.
Richard Geary with photos by Ed Chappell
Pages: 128
Format:  Paperback (perfect binding)
Illustrations:  Numerous color photographs in the article on Rudolph
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Paul Rudolph (1918-1997) was one of America’s greatest Modern architects, known for his strong, expressive forms, powerful spaces, innovative uses of materials, and creative handling of light. He achieved great success doing buildings all over the US, and is most famous for his “Mid-Century Modern” work in the 1950’s-60’s---of which the Yale Art & Architecture Building is the most iconic example. But his work extended to nearly the end of the 20th century—and he continued developing his aesthetic, and experimenting with space, materials, and light.

His own residence, a “quadruplex” - a magnificent four-story penthouse apartment, facing New York City’s East River - was his “laboratory” for exploring ways to shape space and create dynamic experiences. While Rudolph’s apartment was widely published, this issue of the Florida Design Review - a well-illustrated magazine that focused on design - has an 18 page article in it: the most extensive coverage ever published of these richly conceived & fascinating spaces.

The article is by Richard Geary, himself a distinguished designer; and the photographs - often printed full-page - are by Ed Chappell. Also included in the article is a reproduction of a design sketch by Rudolph, as well as two of his famous section-perspective drawings of this multi-level apartment.