is to spread knowledge about the profound legacy of Paul Rudolph, and to preserve the work of this great and internationally-important 20th century architect.

The Foundation, through its Board and a dedicated group of volunteers, pursues this mission through:

  • Education — about Rudolph’s architecture, urbanism, thinking, and design work in many fields: through exhibits, tours, publications, presentations, and on-line resources

  • Advocacy — against the demolition or neglect of Rudolph’s work; and testifying against such destruction

  • Encouragement — of responsibility among the owners and stewards of Rudolph-designed buildings, including directing them to conservation and restoration advice and assistance

  • Providing — connections between sellers of Rudolph properties with preservation-minded buyers and design-sensitive real estate professionals

  • Research — into the many areas of design in upon which Rudolph focused, utilizing archives, interviews, and other information resources; and documenting his works

  • Support — for scholarship about Paul Rudolph’s vast body of work

  • Community — providing venues—both tangible & virtual—for those who appreciate great Modern design to meet, exchange views, and create allies.

Founded in in 2015, the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.