How to submit a Paul Rudolph property for sale or rent: 

There is no charge to list a property designed by Paul Rudolph on our website. Contact the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation with:

Property Information (items with an asterisk are required)

  • Year House was completed *
  • Address (number, street, city, state, zip) *
  • Current Homeowner Name and Phone Number *
  • Name of Original Homeowner *
  • Seller's Contact Information (Name, Phone, Email, Website, Real Estate Agent) *
  • Sale / Rental Listing Price *
  • Description of the building and property (400 word limit - please note your listing will be subject to editing and formatting) *
  • Briefly describe as much of the following as possible and appropriate:
    • Building Square Footage
    • Approximate Acreage and Site Description
    • Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
    • Description of Other Rooms
    • Outside Features such as Carport, Patio Space or Out-Buildings
    • Details of Construction Materials
    • Additional Items that are included in Sale Price, such as Furniture, Art, Photos, and Blueprints
    • Historic Site Designation, such as National Register of Historic Places describe other unique details as applicable
  • MLS Link
  • Property Website Link
  • Any other comments about the property or the property's history

Web/Print Photos

Up to ten color photos may be sent to us for use on our website. Please indicate which photo you would like to be featured. Photo(s) must be submitted via email ( and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.  Also, please indicate at the time of submission how the photo(s) should be credited and if there are any restrictions on the use of the photo(s).  In the absence of any written limitations, the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation reserves the right to use submitted photos in all PRHF publications, local and/or national media requests and any other publications that help to achieve its mission.

All submissions are subject to review and approval is not guaranteed.  Thank you for contacting the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation!