Below are articles and writings about Paul Rudolph's life and work. More files will be uploaded as we get permission to add them to our website.


Florida Architect Interviews Paul Rudolph - Jan Abell, October 10, 1982
Conversation at 23 Beekman Place - Peter Blake, 1996

Memoirs, Letters & Correspondence

Comments on the Art and Architecture Building by Paul Rudolph at Yale University, New Haven - Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, October 04, 1963
A Memoir Written By Paul Rudolph’s Mother - Eurie Stone Rudolph, circa 1964-1965

Speeches & Lectures

Architectural Education in the United States - Paul Rudolph, 1961
Notes Concerning The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Competition - Paul Rudolph, June 8, 1962
What is Quality? - Paul Rudolph, 1963

Tributes by Paul Rudolph

Sibyl Moholy-Nagy - Paul Rudolph, June 1971
Pietro Belluschi (1899-1994) - Paul Rudolph, November 10, 1994

Tributes to Paul Rudolph

A Case of the Undervalued Man: Paul Marvin Rudolph - Stanley Tigerman, September 16, 1997
A Letter For The Opening Of The Rudolph Drawing Exhibition - Joanna Steichen, September 18, 1997
A Tribute to Paul Rudolph - John M. Johansen, April 07, 1998
Probably The Best - Peter Blake, December 23, 1998

Articles about Paul Rudolph

Portrait Of An Architect - Kay Kipling, December 01, 2004