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Syracuse City Hall.jpg

City: Syracuse
State: New York
Zip Code:
Nation: United States
Google Maps Address:

Type: Government
Status: Project

Date(s): 1964
Site Area:
Floor Area:
Floors (Above Ground):
Building Cost:

Architect: Paul Rudolph
Associate Architect: 


City Hall for Syracuse, New York

The intention of the Syracuse City Hall is to define a sense of place. The U-shaped building obscures the city jail on one side and the power plant on the other, thereby creating a plaza. The building is placed on aces with a mall leading to the principal shopping area of Syracuse. A series of bridges, ramps and walkways invites the people of Syracuse to walk from adjacent residential areas through the great porch of the building and the plaza to the town center. The building is so arranged that it forms an amphitheater for public celebrations and ceremonies. Thus is has been formed as much by external considerations as by internal ones.
— Paul Rudolph in Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl, and Gerhard Schwab. The Architecture of Paul Rudolph. New York: Praeger, 1970. P. 108

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