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Crawford Manor Housing.jpg

Address: 90 Park Street
City: New Haven
State: Connecticut
Zip Code: 06511
Nation: United States
Google Maps Address: 41.30662, -72.93589

Type: Housing
Status: Built

Date(s): 1962
Site Area:
Floor Area:
Floors (Above Ground):
Building Cost:

Architect: Paul Rudolph
Associate Architect: 


Crawford Manor Housing for the Elderly

The understanding and help of local and Federal officials for public housing, an exceptional mayor, and a good site, permitted this most difficult exercise in the economics of building to be fulfilled. The vertical thrust of the piers balanced by the axis of balconies at 90° angles to each other gives this building a sense of restrained, dynamic energy. The utilization of a special precast block for all exterior surfaces breaks down the scale of the building, enables it to weather well and helps to keep the building within the stringent economic limits imposed on public housing in the United States.
— Paul Rudolph in Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl, and Gerhard Schwab. The Architecture of Paul Rudolph. New York: Praeger, 1970. P. 192

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