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IBM Building.jpg

Address: 303 East Drive
City: East Fishkill
State: New York
Zip Code: 12533
Nation: United States
Google Maps Address: 41.53836, -73.82324

Type: Office
Status: Built

Date(s): 1962-1966
Site Area: 4,309,826 s.f.
Floor Area: 500,000 s.f.
Floors (Above Ground):
Building Cost:

Client: IBM Corporation
Architect: Paul Rudolph
Associate Architect:
MEP: Walter Kidde Constructors, Inc.


Research, Office and Manufacturing Facilities for the IBM Corporation

  • Project was designed as a home of the firm’s Component Parts Division.

  • Site was originally known as the Lepetka Farm.

  • Construction began April 3, 1963 as was expected to be complete mid-1965 with partial occupancy scheduled in Fall of 1964.

  • Sunshades originally proposed for the project were removed to save cost, resulting in the vertical stubs that appear above the top row of windows.

Paul Rudolph’s IBM building at East Fishkill, New York was conceived as a factory, laboratory, and headquarters for the Components Division (which no longer exists as such) - all in the same package. One of its most expensive features, a mechanical floor sandwiched between the two occupied floors (except where all three are used as offices) was a requirement of the client. In a last-minute effort at economy, the concrete sunshades were removed, leaving their stubs as reminders of a silhouette that might have been.
— Dixon, John Morris. "IBM Thinks Twice." Architectural Forum (March 1966)

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