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Milam Residence.jpg

Address: 1033 Ponte Vedra Boulevard
City: Ponte Vedra Beach
State: Florida
Zip Code: 32082
Nation: United States
Google Maps Address: 30.17384, -81.35936

Type: Residence
Status: Built

Date(s): 1959-1962
Site Area:
Floor Area:
Floors (Above Ground):
Building Cost: $88,074 (1963)

Client: Arthur W. Milam
Architect: Paul Rudolph
Associate Architect: Robert Ernest
Structural: Herman D. J. Spiegel
MEP: Frank B. Wilder & Associates

Contractor: William E. Arnold Company

Milam Residence

  • The distinct three-dimensional eastern facade of the building overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, rising over 28 feet above the sea.

  • This project was Rudolph’s first building to incorporate an air-conditioning unit.

  • The form of the walls and floors were constructed in such a way that it could block off the sun rays during florida’s hot temperatures.

  • Milam residence was named ''House of the Year'' in 1963 by The Architectural Record.

  • Later in 1969, Rudolph further extended the house by adding a bedroom, a guesthouse, a 3-car garage and a swimming pool.

  • The Milam Residence was Paul’s last house in Florida before he started his job at Yale.

  • The Milam Residence was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016.

  • The house was initially listed for $4.7 million in 2017, now it is currently on sale for $4,445,000.

A composition of considerable spatial variety with vertical and horizontal interpenetration of spaces clearly defined inside and out. Gone are the earlier notions of organization through regular structure with subdivisions of space freely spaced. Spatial organization has taken the place of purely structural organization. Floors and walls are extended in elaborated forms toward the views, thereby making of the facade a reflection of the interior space. The brises-soleil also serve as mullions for the glass, turning the exterior wall into a series of deep openings filled only with glass. The exceptional wild Florida site 60 ft. above the Atlantic Ocean is a counterfoil to the geometry of the structure.
— Paul Rudolph in Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl, and Gerhard Schwab. The Architecture of Paul Rudolph. New York: Praeger, 1970. P. 68

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