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Sanderling Beach Club.jpg

Address: 7400 Sanderling Road
City: Sarasota
State: Florida
Zip Code: 34242
Nation: United States
Google Maps Address: 27.24121, -82.53147

Type: Leisure and Sport
Status: Built

Date(s): 1952-1953
Site Area: 52,270 s.f.
Floor Area:
Floors (Above Ground):
Building Cost:

Architect: Paul M. Rudolph
Associate Architect:
Landscape: Edward Shields


Sanderling Beach Club

  • In the initial plan, the beach club consisted of a concrete patio, an observatory and It had five single-story structures, each with five cabanas, facing the gulf.

  • The roof of these structures had a series of low vaulted ceilings, made with two thin layers of plywood sheathing.

  • In 1958, the beach club was expanded by three more structures with 5 cabanas each.

  • A clubhouse wasn’t built until 1960, however it did include Paul's original designs.

  • Paul was awarded an international architecture prize from the Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo, Brazil for this project.

  • In 2018, Harold Bubil, Real Estate Editor Emeritus for the Herald-Tribune, listed Sanderling Beach Club as one of his favorite buildings in Florida.

Standard 2X4 studs 16 ft. on center with columns of “sticks” and bent plywood vaults consisting of two ¾ in. thick sheets glued together form the structure.
— Paul Rudolph in Moholy-Nagy, Sibyl, and Gerhard Schwab. The Architecture of Paul Rudolph. New York: Praeger, 1970. P. 38

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