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Address: 101 Big Pass Lane
City: Siesta Key
State: Florida
Zip Code: 34242
Nation: United States
Google Maps Address: 27.28212, -82.56653

Type: Residence
Status: Demolished in 2007

Date(s): 1941
Site Area: 27,026 s.f. waterfront lot
Floor Area: 3 beds 3 baths, 2712 s.f.
Floors (Above Ground): 1
Building Cost:

Client: Ralph S. Twitchell
Architect: Paul Rudolph
Associate Architect: Ralph S. Twitchell


Twitchell Residence

  • in 1969, the owners were Garrison and Marjorie Creighton

  • house damaged by fire in the carport

  • Improving the house would have meant dealing with the “50-percent rule.” That would have required elevating the house, which was in a “V” flood zone, 13 feet to FEMA’s base-flood elevation if more than 50 percent of the structure’s value was spent on renovation.

  • Owned by Harold and Harriet McCurdy until sold by Harriet McCurdy and Joan Ewers to Joe King

  • Architect Joe King bought the house in 05/05/05 for $2,650,000 with hopes of restoring it

  • King sold it in 11/06/07 for $2,800,000 to Clyde H Wilson, Jr.

The house became the prototype for the post and beam dwellings that Rudolph developed in partnership after World War II
— Rohan, T. (2014). The architecture of Paul Rudolph. New Haven, Conn.: Yale Univ. Press.
The sandlike color and subtle texture of the lime block, the natural color of the cypress, and the transparency and reflection of the glass all contribute to make the house an integral part of the Florida landscape.
— Domin, Christopher, et al. Paul Rudolph: the Florida Houses. Princeton Architectural Press, 2002.

DRAWINGS - Design Drawings / Renderings

DRAWINGS - Construction Drawings

DRAWINGS - Shop Drawings

PHOTOS - Project Model

PHOTOS - During Construction

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PHOTOS - Current Conditions

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