An EXPLOSIVE incriminating letter

On July 20, 2015, Goshen attorney Michael Sussman wrote his supporters:

“so, today at 1 pm an envelope arrives and in it is THE LETTER. the letter was written by the president of one of the three architectural firms allegedly collaborating on the orange county government center project. it explains why in august 2014 his firm resigned from the gig. it explains that the principal firm was helping the county "skirt" environmental laws which applied to the program, including those intended to protect groundwater and public health and safety. what this writer saw happening has now happened and 11 months later, he looks like a prophet. no one released this letter to the people of our county for 11 months. I sent it to the media today because his informed opinion reveals, in great detail, how the project was hi-jacked, distorted and how the county leader knowingly circumvented the law...I will be addressing this and other subjects in court tomorrow at 2 pm at the courthouse, 285 wall street in Goshen. come if you can. we need to get at what has really happened and explode the obfuscation and untruths. to all” – michael [sussman]"

Click here to download the letter from designLAB which warned the county that the course of action they were taking would eventually be challenged because they were intentionally skirting the law.