Join the rally at Michael Sussman's office July 2 @ 6pm

Goshen attorney Michael Sussman is holding a rally at his office tonight where outraged citizens can express their concerns about the destruction being undertaken to the iconic Paul Rudolph designed Orange County Government Center buildings and can plan what to do next.

Michael Sussman writes:

I would like to gather as many people of good will as we can at 6 pm to discuss the tragedy we are witnessing and strategies for dealing with that tragedy.  I fear the reliance on the courts is hindering community outreach.  I want to discuss a more multi-faceted approach and bring people up to date on the court battles.  mhs

Local residents have witnessed the current demolition and reported "they’re in process of removing the roof of the building (assuming due to asbestos abatement of the mastic under the built-up roofing).
In the process they’re creating much dust that’s drifting with the wind towards the school where they’re having a graduation. If there’s asbestos there they certainly aren’t following procedures, containing it and protecting it."

This apparent disregard for public safety should motivate all nearby residents to fight to stop what is happening.

Meeting will be at:

Sussman & Watkins
1 Railroad Avenue, 3rd Floor 
Goshen, New York 10924

Thursday July 2, 2015 at 6pm