The Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundations files a lawsuit to save the OCGC

The Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation, as one of 3 plaintiffs, filed a lawsuit on July 2, 2015 against the County of Orange and its contractors to stop the demolition of the historic Paul Rudolph designed Orange County Government Center (OCGC).

We state in our lawsuit the following:

1. This is an Article 78 proceeding to challenge the May 7, 2015 resolution by which the County of Orange, acting by and through the majority of its County Legislature, revised its Environmental Assessment Form [hereinafter “EAF”] and approved a new version of the Government Center project [hereinafter “the project”]. 

2.  As the recent SEQRA approval was both required and, as adopted, contrary to law, this Court should enjoin any further construction activities associated with the underlying project.

You can download the complete VERIFIED PETITION filed with the court by clicking this link.