Asbestos removal underway at government center

Edie Johnson reported in The Chronicle on June 4th, that "Big yellow chutes to facilitate asbestos removal have been installed at the Orange County Government Center as a court decides when, or whether, its renovation can continue."

She later says: "Chris Viebrock, acting commissioner of the Orange County Department of Public Works, told the Physical Services Committee on Tuesday that half of the "hazmat material" has already been removed from the building."

"Supreme Court Judge Christopher Cahill of Ulster County said he will decide by July 1 whether to stop work on the building, a move sought by attorney Michael Sussman of Chester. His lawsuit on behalf of three local plaintiffs claims that the project is rife with waste and tainted by collusion, to the detriment of Orange County residents."

Until Judge Cahill issues a ruling, no work may be done to the world renowned Paul Rudolph designed Orange County Government Center.