The OCGC continues to get National attention

The iconic Paul Rudolph designed Orange County Goverment Center's fate continues to draw national attention.

On June 7, the Northwest Arkansas Democratic Gazette newpaper published an article by Tina Susman of the Los Angeles Times entitled "Heads butt over '71 boxy building". She presents both "for" and "against" positions on the building.

The New York Times T Magazine on June 5th had an article titled: "Seven Leading Architects Defend the World’s Most Hated Buildings".

In the article, Alexandra Lange writes "Can the field’s top minds change the way we think about a doomed housing project in Naples or the most abhorred skyscraper in Paris? Allow them to try."

One of the seven buildings she writes about is the Paul Rudolph designed Orange County Government Center. She interviews Zaha Hadid about this iconic building.

Zaha Hadid concludes the interview with the comment:

"Many similar projects around the world have also suffered neglect; yet sensitive renovation and new programming reveal a profound lightness and generosity, creating exciting and popular spaces where people can connect. Rudolph’s work is pure, but the beauty is in its austerity. There are no additions to make it polite or cute. It is what it is.”