At the PHYSICAL SERVICES COMMITTEE meeting, there was a vote of the legislature to amend its prior Resolution.

7- Resolution of the Orange County Legislature amending its prior Resolution (No. 106 of 2014) in relation to issuing a negative declaration under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) with respect to the reconstruction, renovation and/or expansion of the Orange County Government Center, classifying the action as Type I and determining that the action will not have any significant, adverse environmental impacts

14 legislators voted YES, 6 voted NO, and 1 abstained. The Resolution PASSED.

That means that the legislators voted that the SEQRA filing is satisfactory and that the claims of less than an acre of soil will be disturbed are accepted.

There has been much discussion that the SEQRA filings are flawed and that this resolution to accept these filings will result in further challenges.