County Legislator not informed about work starting at OCGC

Rosanne Sullivan has advised the Times Herald-Record that she was unaware that that a contract for the work had been awarded for the demolition of the Orange County Government Center and was also not aware work was already starting on it . Below is a letter she sent to the newspaper on April 6, 2015.

Until five minutes ago, I have had no information from the Legislature’s office nor the County Executive’s office concerning the construction equipment and crew that were at the Government Center site this weekend. This should not be a surprise as this project and decision making has been mostly made behind closed doors. Concerned legislators inquired early this morning but have not heard back from our Commissioner of DPW concerning who made this decision and why.

I just spoke with the Legislature’s attorney, Antoinette Reed, and was told that the jail site is the staging area for the 1841 Courthouse and Board of Elections’ construction projects. Baricades were put up on the Erie Street entrance because as Ms. Reed stated, “We are ready to move forward on the demolition project.” I asked her if any contracts were signed by the County Executive, regarding the overpriced bids, and she replied that she does not know and did not think to ask.

It is very discerning to think that Orange County would be so arrogant to go ahead with a project knowing very well that there has been a very serious lawsuit filed regarding the it.

Roseanne Sullivan

Orange County Legislator

18 Legislative District

Serving Crawford and parts of the Town of Wallkill

(845) 361-4525

P.O. Box 149

Circleville, New York 10919

Update: The reporter told me that she heard back from Harry Poor who said that a contract was awarded but that he would not say to whom.