We the undersigned, believe that the County has FAILED to act in the best interests of the tax payers, by:

  • Selecting the most expensive proposed option for rebuilding the Orange County Government Center (OCGC);

  • Spending almost $8 million in demolition costs which are almost double what was budgeted;

  • Wasting financing costs by not selecting the most expeditious option to create a new OCGC;

  • Not acting on a plan that would bring the County $5 million in sale proceeds;

  • Not acting on a plan that would put a building complex on the property tax rolls;

  • Not acting on a plan that would bring sales tax revenue to the County;

  • Not acting on a plan that would bring tourism revenue to Goshen and the County;

  • Not  making contracts between favored contractors and the County available for review by the elected legislators.


  • And finally, allowing a building of worldwide architectural significance to be destroyed and along with it destroy the reputation of Orange County in the eyes of the world.


In addition, complaints about irregularities with the actions of the legislature have been sent to the US Attorney for investigation. Those complaints have been posted elsewhere on this blog.


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