Looking back to past words of wisdom

Over time, there has been a lot written to support taking a rational approach to saving the Paul Rudolph designed Orange County Government Center. We are giving links below to some of these past writings to show how long a reasoned appeal has been put forth to the legislators without the success that common sense would expect.

In May 2012, Donald Luckenbill, an architect who worked closely with Paul Rudolph, wrote the County Executive. Click the button below to read what he had to say...

Design Within Reach wrote in their blog in July 2014 an entry entitled: "Brutal Love." It is an interesting historical perspective on the building. The article concludes: "Personally, I find it amazing that the building plans were approved in the 1960s, and I believe that one of the most compelling reasons to save this building is that it’s unlikely that anything like it will ever be built again. It is a special masterpiece to be treasured. Orange County government, I implore: Cherish it."

Stuart Hubler, a Los Angeles architect, who visited the Paul Rudolph designed Orange County Government Center on numerous occasions, wrote a letter the the County Executive on April 30, 2012 stating that "The solution should match the scale of the problem." He discussed technological changes since the building was built, which shift the economics of restoration in favor of renovating the famous building.